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Greetings heroes/citizen. I hope I’m not too late to show you this, painted prototype of the Icon Heroes’ Jackalman. I really love the “cartoony” simplicity of the sculpt, but at the same time there are details in certain parts. You know, minus the hairy sculpt detail on the entire body and hyper steroid muscle, like the one Pop Culture Shock Collectibles.  Not that I hate or want to diminish what Pop Culture Shock Collectibles done, but it just not my taste, sorry.

I think the best looks for Thundercats is always in the animation, I still like the hyper muscular Ed McGuinness  style deign in the comis but again the classics animation looks is still the best. Anyway, back to Icon Heroes’ Jackalman, I like the pose, I think it will fit nicely with Icon Heroes Lion-O in my display, soon. But the base is way too simple if you compare to the regular Lion-O’s base. Although I love this statue, I hate the price. It cost $60 each! :evil: If you are really into Thundercats, I recommend you to complete this line. So watch out for announcement by Icon Heroes for the release date, and also check out Sideshow Collectibles for the preorder date.

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