Hot Toys Iron Man MKVI- Preview

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Greetings heroes/citizen. Hot Toys did it again! Just when I’m about to stop collecting Hot Toys, they released the preview images of MMS Iron Man MKVI. Damn damn damn, now it’s harder for me to leave the line.

Thanks a lot Hot Toys :sad: They still don’t have Tony Stark headsculpt image for us, I’m sure they already have it. This time instead of give us 3 helmets (normal, battle damaged and opened mask) they’ll give us 2 helmets with 2 masks, genius!

I hope this time the mask fit nicely on the helmets. MK2’s mask did not fit nicely on the helmet, it’s so flimsy (when it closes).

Good thing it will be out next year  :lol:   but still, damn you Hot Toys!!!!!  JK!  :lol:

Update: Hot Toys – Iron Man 2 – Sideshow Exclusive Version

Sideshow's Exclusive will come with this part.

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3 Comments on "Hot Toys Iron Man MKVI- Preview"

  1. Thristhan on Mon, 19th Jul 2010 6:54 pm 

    Wow, so cool the toy :)

  2. Homer on Fri, 17th Sep 2010 3:29 pm 

    Yupe, I am really really looking forward for mine!!! HotToys has been great on Iron Man so far. Hope this is another breakthru for them. Also, I am keeping my sight on Mark V (not the bust but 1/6 version) as well.

  3. BaseGuardian on Fri, 17th Sep 2010 9:37 pm 

    Yeah, it’s going to be awesome. I hope the new headsculpt is an improved version from the previous headsculpt.

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