Revoltech Series No.25 Destron Leader; Megatron.

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Greetings heroes/citizens, today I’ll be reviewing Revoltech No.25 Destron (Decepticon) Leader; Megatron. I bought this locally for RM 85 ( yeah it’s a bit high). I’m not going to write much about it cause it is not much different to Cybertron Commander Convoy. Read more

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Transformers The Movie, Leader Class Megatron.

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Hi there heroes, here is one of the most controversial toy this year,the Transformers The movie, Megatron; Leader Class Version. Bought this from HK ebayer for USD49 including shipping. It was made by Takara/Hasbro(mine got Japanese TF word sticker on the front of box, so maybe Takara) early this year or late last year. I got mine on June this year.
The box/packaging; the box, just like all Transformers Movie Leaderr Class ,Megatron came in red box with clear plastic window.There is a description of Megatron on the back of the box. The figure was holded by very hard to reach twisties. The figure was put in a plastic tray that was put on a piece of cardboard box.
The design; well if you are amazed by the design of Megatron in the movie,forget about it, this Megatron is a total disaster( at least, I felt that way). I am very dissapointed with what they(Takara/Hasbro) have done to this Megatron. The color and the design both make me felt sicked just by looking at the him. What’s up with the blue and pink color??? I wish they just paint the figure in grey or silver color( ???just like on the box???).They also put a pair of wings on Megatron’s back. In my opinion, they should be more focus on designing the figure to be more movie accurate in robot mode than the jet mode. They sacrificed the robot mode looks just to make the jet mode (which is just a few second shown in the movie) looks as same as in the movie. Megatron also have a big butt in this line. It have level 4 of conversion rate. It just to hard to transform Megatron (that’s why there is no jet mode photos,sorry) to his jet mode.It took me more than 2 hours to change him to jet mode the first time I got it. Actually I can change it to jet mode but, I just don’t felt like playing this Megatron. I always stucked on changing the legs parts, (I just don’t get it) why do they do it so hard to transform? Electronics; (for kids) there are two sounds and a light inside Megatron. There are also (cheap) gimmicks put to this toy, on Megatron’s right hand, he can shoot a retactive claw. While on the other hand they put a laser/plasma canon which is for me just too cheap ( it is too hard to press and hold).
Articulations; they are just to basic. Even the neck don’t have a ball joint, the pegs are just useless when it comes to transformation. They just won’t hold the parts.
If you are a Transformers fan( a completeist) you might just want to buy this Megatron, but if you’re not a fan, just forget about picking up one of this toy. It just don’t have the value for your money.

BaseGuardian Heroes Metre:

  • Packaging: 9/10
  • Design : 6/10
  • Colorings :5/10
  • Articulations : 7/10


Click pics to enlarge;

meg1.jpg meg2.jpg meg3.jpg meg4.jpg

meg6.jpg meg7.jpg meg9.jpg meg10.jpg


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