RHSW 01 02 03 Kamen Rider Double- Review

January 21, 2010 by  
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Greetings heroes/citizen, after I spent most of my toys budget on Hot Toys, today I ‘ll review 3 “wallet friendly” action figures from Bandai. From the mind of Ishinimori comes the legendary Kamen Rider series (a.k.a Masked Rider), one of the most popular Japan Tokusatsu series aired on TV Asahi Japan. The series started with Kamen Rider 1 and the latest version is Kamen Rider Double (some says Kamen Rider W). Shotaro and Philip slide in their Gaia memories (a flashdrive) into their Double Driver and they combine to become Kamen Rider Double (Double after this). That explain why it have 2 sides of colors on each form, Cyclone|Joker (green|black), Luna|Trigger (gold|blue) and Heat|Metal (silver|red). It have other combinations, I’ll cover that in the next review. The combination is not like Ultraman Ace which both Hakuto and Minami become Ultraman Ace. Read more

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