Destron’s Starscream

April 8, 2008 by  
Filed under Revoltech

Greetings heroes/citizens, sorry for not updating the Base, I got bugs in me for several of days now, not very bad but after I took some antibiotics and when they started to work I don’t feel like I want to online. Anyway, today I’ll review the latest toys I got in my collections, it’s Kaiyodo Revoltech Vol. 46: Destron’s (or Decepticon’s) Starscream. I got this last week and only have the time and strength to play with it today :lol: Just like the other Kaiyodo Revoltech series figurines, this action figure is about 5 inch tall. Retail price for this is about $20-24. I’m writing this review in a condition where I’m still in my recovery phase, so I will write a short review about this :lol: ~~~I’m still high~~~ Read more

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