MOTU Classics Roboto

April 18, 2011 by  
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Greetings heroes/citizen.  I never like MOTU Classics Roboto’s head since I first saw the figure, the head looks strange from sides. But I really love the detail sculpt on his hands. This is my first figure from matty that has a reversed shoulders,but as you can see I already corrected the shoulders thanks to Hunterknight4. My second figure with this problem is MOTU Classics King Hssss.  All gears inside his body will turn when you turn his torso around, kinda neat gimmick, but they have to sacrifice the torso’s hinge joint. The clear plastic use for the torso, is a bit fragile, I can see some tiny cracks at where the front and back  of the torso were glued.  Although I hate his head, I still think Roboto is a cool figure. Read more

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