S.H.F Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion

Greetings heroes/citizen. It’s time for another review! I love tokusatsu series, I grew up watching all kinds of toku series. From the  popular Super Sentai series (a.k.a Power Rangers),Ultraman, Kamen Rider to some of the less known series such as Changerion, just to name a few. My favorite series among them all is, of course The Kamen Rider series.
How can you not love the show, a man transform into a leather clad superhero just by waving his hands(not applicable to most Heisei Riders, and it’s not actually waving lol), rides a cool “pimped” bike and kick monsters’ butt? Anyway, to celebrate 10th  anniversary of the return of Kamen Rider series , TV Asahi aired Kamen Rider Decade. Read more

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