Vol.68: Another update.

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Greetings heroes/citizens, sorry for no new toy review if you’re my loyal toys reviews readers. I got many things to settle first in the physical realm :lol: To update this blog today, I will review a blog from of a fellow Entrecarder, Virtual Millenium. If you loves computers, ebooks, desktop themes, watching videos and many other interesting post, make sure to visit Virtual Millenium sometime. I like the the last post about I.Q testing . It’s funny and make me think twice, why can’t I answered it ? :lol: A 10 year old can . So if you think you’re smarter than 10 year old, please visit the blog .


ps/This is not a paid review, so if you want me to review your blog, just let me know and I’ll do my best.

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3 Comments on "Vol.68: Another update."

  1. Deimos Tel`Arin on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 7:02 am 

    Heh, the one about the bus?

    Heck, that one cracked me up too! :D

    Definitely feel like banging my head on the wall LOL!

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  2. Do we need a better EntreCredits Transfer System - Guest Blogging on EntreCard Blog | ahkong.net on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 7:31 am 

    […] toy reviews from toy fanatic BaseGuardian this time, instead a blog review of a fellow EntreCarder – Virtual Millennium. A short review, but captures all the […]

  3. BaseGuardian on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 3:03 pm 

    Yeah, me too. bang!bang!bang! :lol:

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