Vol.67: Marvel’s 2009 Animations.

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Greeting heroes/citizens, Marvel recently announced that in 2009, there will be two new animatied series that will be on Nickleodeon’s Nicktoons. The series are “Wolverine and the X-men” and “Ironman”. Both Ironman and Wolverine and X-men will be 26 half hour episodes. I kind of excited to see the line up for the Wolverine’s series, looks like the original line ups. This animation is probably in conjunction with the upcoming Ironman movie and another one is X-men Origins: Wolverine. For more story read it at Marvel.

Wolverine and the X-men;




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9 Comments on "Vol.67: Marvel’s 2009 Animations."

  1. Deimos Tel`Arin on Wed, 26th Mar 2008 4:25 pm 

    Looks kewl! Now if only I have the time to watch them … T_T

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  2. BaseGuardian on Wed, 26th Mar 2008 9:51 pm 

    Still long wait bro, 2009. You can make it :lol:

  3. MDSanta on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 2:07 pm 

    wow another marvel animation, I grew up on these. I just wish they stuck to one animation style, I’m surprised they still get ratings seeing as most of the stories are practically the same, with a slight little twist here and there. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to show reruns?

    That being said, I can’t wait to watch this.

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  4. BaseGuardian on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 6:12 pm 

    @MDSanta, I think the reason Marvel producing this new X-men cartoon is because they want to promote their upcoming movies, X-Men Origins. As for Ironman cartoon, maybe it’s going to follow the Ironman movie story.

  5. topo on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 2:59 am 

    hohoho ko mmg suka buat post yg buat aku mnjadi sgat tak sabar menanti….

    topo’s last blog post..statusku=krisis..

  6. Sanjo-chan on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 9:50 am 

    I’m looking forward to these! It’s been a while since I watched an X-Men (not counting X-Men Evolution) cartoon. ^^

  7. BaseGuardian on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 2:56 pm 

    @topo, bagos la kalo begitu :lol:

    @sanjo-chan, personally I think X-men evo sucks!Big time!I hope this one will not be as sucks as evo, if it sucks.

  8. andrew on Sun, 19th Apr 2009 11:04 pm 

    i’ve seen the first episode of ironman.. it’s kinda like a revamp of the either storyline… tony is now a teen, with pepper potts as some classmate, with his friend(warmachine) as his technical support. the mandarin is also brought back. EVERYONE ARE IN THEIR TEENS.

  9. BaseGuardian on Sun, 19th Apr 2009 11:54 pm 

    lol I’m not surprise if Marvel do that. They always revamp their characters. Just hope this will not kill my interest for IM though ;)

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