Vol. 64: Yo, Joe !!!

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Greetings heroes/citizens, just letting you know that G.I.Joe The Movie is on their way to cinema in August 2009, :lol: that is a long wait, but worth waiting for. Recently Paramount Pictures released the first 2 photos of the movie, Snake Eyes played by Ray Park. If you’re a G.I Joe fans you must know who he is but if you don’t know him check it out here. There will also be others like Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Said Taghmaoui, Marlon Wayans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arnold Vosloo and Christopher Eccleston in the movie. by the way the director for this movie is Stephen Sommers.




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5 Comments on "Vol. 64: Yo, Joe !!!"

  1. topo on Sat, 22nd Mar 2008 6:13 pm 

    coooool love it… tp.. kalo lambat lagi nak keluar,,, kenapa tulis awal2… I can’t wait!!!!!

    topo’s last blog post..hai saya sofia‚Ķ.

  2. BaseGuardian on Sat, 22nd Mar 2008 8:49 pm 

    Saja tunjuk awal2, kasi tarik minat :lol:

  3. vladi on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 11:55 am 

    I cant wait its going to be great i’ve been a fan since the beginning im waiting for the storm shadow pics.

  4. Adam Pieniazek on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 12:46 pm 

    Snakes Eyes is THE MAN!

    I can’t wait for this movie.

    G.I. Joe, a Real American hero…

    Adam Pieniazek’s last blog post..I Hate the Federal Reserve

  5. BaseGuardian on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 1:12 pm 

    @Vladi, if there is Snake eyes, there must be Storm Shadow :wink:

    @Adam, yeah Snake Eyes rocks! man.

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