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Greetings heroes/citizens, today I’ll write about Movie Realization : Spiderman/Black Spiderman. It’s from Bandai, and it was released on August 2007, I bought it from Hobby Link Japan for Y5000, that’s about $47. This action figure was a franchise of the famous movie Spiderman 3. It’s weird right? A Japanese company making an American Comics icon, Spiderman. Wrong! The Japanese also grew up with Spiderman but with a different version you can check it out here. But this one is inspired from the Spiderman 3. It have two figures in this set, normal suit Spidey and another one is the black symbiote suit Spidey.

Packaging; Bandai made it very simple, both design and materials. The graphics was not very attractive, the figures was laid on a plastic tray and tied with lots twisties ( of course in the picture there are only three of them , I threw away all the unnecessary twisties). There is a piece of cardboard for the background of inside the box and also a instruction leaflet. That’s it, for a $47 I was a bit disappointed with it.

Designs/sculpts; the first time I saw this action figures, one thing that bother me is the shoulder armors.Was it necessary to make them that big? I know that when Bandai make a Movie Realization figure it’s supposed to be like S.I.C figures. A little bit of exaggerations here and there but this is too much.I can tolerate the overall look of Spiderman in this series but the shoulders, it’s hideous and took away some of the points for these figures. Enough with the bad thing about these figures, lets talk about the good things.First I like the idea of making their eyes transparent.It’s a simple trick, make the face part with a transparent materials and color the inside part with silver color, simple right? Next I like with what they’ve done to the webs and Spidey’s logo. All of them were sculpted not just a thin layer of paints, and the job was done in very detail. The design of Spidey is also unique and looks different from the normal comics or movie’s version, Bandai always tend to exaggerate the looks of the characters they made either in S.I.C or Movie Realization and it worked.

Articulations; this action figures were made playable. It got many points of articulations and all of them make sense.The points of articulations includes moving fingers for shooting web pose, no they will not shoot real web, buy Hasbro’s version if you want a web shooting gimmick Spidey :lol: What I meant with playable is that you can almost pose it anyway you want, and they’re pretty stable to stand on their own.

Colorings; the colors was good but I know they can do it better. It looks like they finished it in a hurry and some parts are a bit messy. For just a few colors to slap on it why don’t they do it better ? :sad:

Accessory; only an exchangeable mask for the black Spidey. I thought it was Venom’s face but turned out it was a Bio-Spiderman’s face. Bandai must’ve made this up one on their own.

Collectors value; it’s better than Hasbro’s version in terms of articulations and size of it. if you’re looking for web shooting and other kinds of gimmick , Hasbro’s should be good. This figures have no other accessories other than the face. I bought this because I like the unique design of this Spiderman.

  • Packaging : 7/10
  • Design/sculpt : 9/10
  • Articulations : 9/10
  • Colorings : 8/10
  • Accessories : 7/10
  • Collectors values : 8/10, not like the usual Spidey . Get this only if you like the different look of him.

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2 Comments on "Movie Realization: Spiderman/Black Spiderman"

  1. Deimos Tel`Arin on Mon, 2nd Jun 2008 5:10 pm 

    These action figures with movable joints reminds me of the toys that I used to have when I was a kid.

    I toyed around with them until their limbs came off! O_O

  2. BaseGuardian on Tue, 3rd Jun 2008 5:19 pm 

    I’m also like that when I was still a little boy, now I like to appreciate them more :lol:

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