S.I.C. Vol.46: Kamen Rider 1 and Cyclone-Review


Greetings heroes/citizen. Today I’ll be reviewing S.I.C. VOl 46: Kamen Rider 1 (maybe from the movie KR The First ,it is not officially stated on the box) and Cyclone after a very long time of not posting reviews. This action figure (boxset) was released months ago, I got it locally (too much cost to ship from Japan) from a friend in Kg. Pisang toy forum, Mr.Boyarque, thanks bro! Retail price is about RM220-RM270 depend on where you got it, from a toy store or sclaper. I got mine with a very good deal. This series was sculpted by Takeya san. I’m not a big fan of the movie, it’s fine but it will never be my favorite movie. Personally, I think the movie is lack of action and the storyline is too short. Anyway back to the action figure, this is the S.I.C that I’ve been waiting eagerly since the prototype made it’s debut early this year and I’m very happy that I’m the owner of it now. I have to skipped the last 2 Den-O just for this, there will be other time for them… I hope so.

Packaging; like all S.I.C figures that came with bike they all came in a big, thick and sturdy cardboard box. All the pieces was laid on a plastic tray with minimum amount of twisties tying the bike. It have a large viewing window, perfect for displaying it as MISB or BIB. The plastic tray is put together with the cover by buttons and some celophane tapes. Also include in the box is the instruction leaflet/proof of purchase. The drag fire graphics on the front are really nice.

Design/sculpt; Takeya san is known for designing a stiff ,statue like action figure for the S.I.C line, but this time it’s different from his previous work. I grew more and more interest toward his works every time I saw it’s done. This time the action figure is more flexible/poseable because it going to ride the bike. Not very different from Movie Realization version, but if you compare them side by side it’s obvious which one is what. I noticed that this version have no Shocker emblem on his fist or back of his jacket, so does this means that it’s supposed to be the Kamen Rider 1 from The Next? If it’s true than they done a really crappy job on weathering or battle damaged effects the figure coz it doesn’t have any battle damaged!

They made Kamen RIder 1 with Cyclone before that represented the comic/tv series version, so I’m pretty sure this is not that version. Also the design is very much similar to the remake version of Kamen Rider 1.

The figure itself does not have any obvious chogokin on it, not even the belt buckle. But the bike have a generous amount of chogokin made for it. The bike looks sleek, but if you put the figure on the seat there is a small gap between the figure and the bike seat. The bike, like the figure also looks like it’s from the remake Kamen Rider movie. To make the bike more interesting (actually not very special addition) they made a helmet compartment underneath the back seat.

This S.I.C. comes with an extra human head, something that is unusual in S.I.C. Personally I hate the head, not sure if it’s the sculpt or the color that I hate the most. It also have additional waist/belt, to be used while in bike position.

Articulation; I have to admit I hate the ball joints for used for the wrists and the ankles. I have 2 reasons why. First it is damn hard to take them off/move for the first time. What I did to take them off was, I used hair blower on medium heat on the parts (wrists and ankles), for a few seconds and it popped out quit easily. Secondly this kind of articulations are not very reliable, they are hard to get off/move for the first time but, they also can easily fall off when you move it too much. It will become loose quiet easy. I thought they were going to use the same joint as Agito in S.I.C. Vol.41 but I was disappointed.

It mostly ball jointed on all the point of articulations except for the elbows, knees and toes. The torso have several point of articulations, so that he can lean forward (not too much) for riding the bike position.

The bike’s handle (front wheel) can be turned left and right, but not as much as Faiz’s Auto Vajin.

Colorings; paints applications are very well done. Both on the bike and the figure. I usually have no complaint about paint apps for S.I.C. I like the effect on the exhaust pipe,looks like a real exhaust pipe that was heated by the engine over a period of time. Before I forgot, there is no meter plate painted on the speedometer unlike Tornader. But I really appreciate that they do a decent job on the Tachibana logo, very detail for a small emblem.

Accessories; I’m not sure if fist, a waist and an extra head can be counted as accessories, but that’s pretty much about it. Other than that there are 2 muffler and a set of antenna.

So, do you really have to buy this? Yes, a Kamen Rider without his bike is like a toast without butter. It still taste good, but if you put some butter on the toast it taste much better right? It’s also hard to get a Kamen Rider with bike, we have to wait for several release of S.I.C to see a Kamen Rider with bike. I’m hoping for Bandai to make S.I.C Kamen Rider V3 (from Kamen Rider The Next) with bike in the future, and not only that, make Kamen Rider 2 with bike too. Please Bandai…

Scores ;
Packaging:  3/5
Sculpt/design (both bike and figure) :  4/5
Articulation:  4/5
Colorings:  :4/5
Accessories: 3/5

rider1_1 rider1_2

rider1_3 rider1_4

rider1_6 rider1_7

rider1_71 rider1_8

rider1_10 rider1_5

rider1_11 rider1_12

Where to buy:
1. Hobby Link Japan
2. Shioktoys
3. Playmoya


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6 Comments on "S.I.C. Vol.46: Kamen Rider 1 and Cyclone-Review"

  1. India Property on Wed, 27th May 2009 6:28 pm 

    The bike is nice. It’s a nice fusion of the original Cyclone from the series and THE FIRST’s Cyclone from the movie. If you remember from the movie, the bike its a bit more sleek and contains a lot more sharp pointed edges and it’s also painted bright white with red markings.

  2. BaseGuardian on Thu, 28th May 2009 12:45 pm 

    Yes it’s true, and the old bike is bulkier.

  3. topo on Wed, 3rd Jun 2009 4:09 am 

    waaa…. kamen rider!!! :bloody: mana nak cekau duit nak beli ni.. ermmm

    topos last blog post..membudayakan penggunaan google bersama topo…

  4. BaseGuardian on Wed, 3rd Jun 2009 2:59 pm 

    Ala, ko simpan skit2 duit musti buleh beli pnyer ;)

  5. kamen rider on Tue, 29th Jun 2010 12:49 pm 

    sape2 ad tersepak mnde ni haa…?klu ad bgtau ak..0194464311..

  6. BaseGuardian on Thu, 1st Jul 2010 1:40 pm 

    I’ll let you know if I found one.

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