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Greetings heroes/citizen. Kamen Rider Accel is the second Kamen Rider appeared in the Kamen Rider Double (W) series. Accel was designed based on motorcycle motif and not only that, he can transform into a bike form, a bit weird but he still looks cool.

Today I’ll write review of S.H.Figuarts Accel. Bandai previously released Accel in the WFC form, and this is the second reincarnation of Accel as action figure (3 if we includes RHS). This action figure was released on late July in Japan and it’s already reached most toy store worldwide now. If you prefer to get it online I suggest you get it from Hobby Searchl


The box is a standard rectangle shaped box with a large window. I like the color of the box, it’s not solid red but actually is a really dark orange metallic affect. Image of real Accel on the front of the box, simple graphics, it carries on the same layout from previous S.H.F figures, nothing special. Inside the box, Accel was put inside clear clamped bubble, also includes in the box along with the figure and accessories is an instruction sheet.

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Most of the Kamen Rider design is based on insect/animal motif. But some times, they threw in some of he most weird design and for Accel, like I mentioned earlier it is based on motorcycle motif. That explain why there are halves wheels on his legs and a wheel on his back. The sculpts are magnificent. The headsculpt is what I like the most, Bandai did not cut corners doing the headsculpt. I can see the inner part of the mask behind the visor. The antenna is made of hard plastic so it does not warp in the packaging.

The entire body sculpts are so amazing, detailing such as gas tank’s cap on his chest really define the high quality of this figure. I appreciate the effort Bandai took for sculpting a separate piece for the air radiator parts. His shoulder armors were also made of hard plastic.

The wheels on his back is not a simple sculpt, but it’s a separate piece from the body. It’s not removable though. The wheels on his back can be turned around. The halves wheels at his legs have ball joints each, so you can rotate and position them at your own preference.

Unlike S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Double, all Accel’s joints are blend with the suit’s color-red. Including the wrists joints, which make it looks a bit awkward (the wrist joint) in red. I think it will be more suitable if they use black joints for the wrists.

The Accel Driver is removable and the knees pad is removable too, not really a function but it can come off quite easily. With all the great sculpt and design, Accel’s feet is made of die cast metal, like all S.H.Figuarts previously released.

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Articulations are never a problem with S.H.Figuarts line. With some parts using combo joints, you can pose Accel almost any way you can think of. With the help of Tamashii Stage Act, the possibility is limitless. Ball,swivel and hinge joints are use for shoulders, it have hinged elbows and knees. Ball jointed and swiveled hips. Rotatable hinged wrists. Ball jointed torso and waist. Ball jointed upper ankles,hinged joints for lower ankles and toes. As for the neck it have 2 points of articulations and both are using ball joints. Accel also have extra parts on his legs, the halves wheels, and both have ball joints.

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The paints are great, the entire body was painted with silver paint and it was applied with clear red finish on top of it to make the red looks deeper and metallic. In the prototype images we’ve seen before , the red is much more darker, the released version has a lighter tone than that, but it’s not bad actually. Overall paint application quality is very good, but there is a tiny black smudge on his left leg, probably only mine have this. Accel Engine’s (his primary weapon) paint job is also not disappointing it have a very nice finish, they added some gold paint on the details to make the sculpts stand out more.


The only weapon he came with is the Accel Engine, it is beautifully sculpted and very similar to the real Accel Engine. You can flip down the blade just like the real one,but unfortunately there is no Engine memory included :lol: . Also included in this Figuarts are interchangeable fists/palms- 8 of them. I think the Accel Driver is also an accessory since it’s removable, and that’s all.

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I highly recommend this action figure for Kamen Rider fans out there. Since Bandai is making the Accel Trial (Tamashii Web Exclusive) it makes sense if you pick this guy up before you get Accel Trial. The sculpt is magnificent, the colors are brilliant and the articulations, I don’t think I need to tell you more about it, just see the pictures I’ve posted above :wink: .

After you click the thumbnail image, click the green arrow to see larger resolution.

I give this action figure;

Packaging: 3/5 (standard design)

Design/sculpt: 4.5/5 (yeah it’s that good)

Articulations: 5/5

Colorings: 4/5

Accessories: 4/5

Edited on 09/01/2010: I’ve added this to show the differences between the actual Accel,WFC and of course Figuarts Accel.

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4 Comments on "S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Accel"

  1. Asrul "iLham" Sany on Sun, 29th Aug 2010 10:33 pm 

    been meaning to buy this kamen rider for a while, but afraid if i start to buy, i can’t stop to collect all of the toys from this series. hohoho

  2. BaseGuardian on Mon, 30th Aug 2010 1:24 pm 

    lol Once, I was like that too :lol:

  3. zham on Wed, 1st Sep 2010 5:15 pm 

    u serious? the eyes hence head sculpt are so diff compared to the design in the show.
    yes it’s a good figure but the eyes doesn’t look like a good replica even compared to the WFC figure

  4. BaseGuardian on Wed, 1st Sep 2010 8:36 pm 

    Hi Zham. Firtsly,I did not say in any part of the review that the headsculpt is 100% accurate as in the series. I clearly said that I like the sculpt, eg the visor is made of clear plastic where as in WFC it just painted on. The sculpt is very detail and not comparing in other release or the actual mask. To answer your question, yes I’m serious, I love the headsculpt. To say the headsculpt is not even as good as WFC, that is an overstatement. WFC sculpt is so simple.
    Thanks for dropping by! ;)

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