Revoltech Series No.19 Cybertron Commander; Convoy

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Greetings heroes/citizens, today I’m going to review the Revoltech Series No.19 Cybertron Commander; Convoy (a.k.a Optimus Prime). I got this locally for a whoopin’ RM85 , that is about USD 26.++. I’am not a Revoltech (before I bought this), maybe because they don’t produced the characters that I like. When they made this Convoy, slowly the poisoned started to absorb in my body systems and made me one of the Revoltech new fan. This toy was manufactured by Kaiyodo.

This figure was sculpted by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa. Like most revoltech series, this is a non scale figure. This is an adult collectible , not suiteable for childer under 3. It’s in Super Robot Category.

Packaging; this is surely is a piece of an art packaging . I like with the dusty effects finishes on the box, the box was design byZinguzi Noriyuki (ZiN Studio) and Nightow Yasuhiro (Toytribe) they also put the box designer name on the box :) Inside the box there is a plastic tray covered with a plaastic lid.

Sculpting and design; Convoy definitely looks different from the anime version. To me he looks more muscular. This Convoy is not a transformable type. It’s height is about 4.5 inches.

Articulations; this is one of the reasons I bought a Revoltech, the ability to pose in many different poses. The articulations are great, all joints in the figures uses the Revolver Joint Technology ( a brain child of Revoltech), in fact all Revoltech figures uses this type of joints. I wont explained much about the Revolver Joint Tech. But roughly it’s a type of joint that can hold a difficult poses without falling because of unstability. Click here to know more about Revolver Joint Tech.But I found out that the shoulder is a bit hard to manipulate for different poses. The cubic shoulder make it hard to move around.

Colorings; the colorings are good but there are some thing that can be improve, for example the joints used for his hips are in black color. If it’s in silver color, it will made the figure much more different looking and more suitable. Other than that the colorings are great, at least mine is. No visible to naked eyes scratchs or scuffings on on the toy surface. ilike with the Autobots emblems on Convoy shoulders. The colorings are 90% comic/anime accurate.

Accessories, not much only three extra fist in different type; grip, pointing and holding . Also given is Convoy signature riffle blaster. No stand or action base given.

Should you buy ? Yup , nothing much to complained about this action figure. If you are Transformers G1 fans you should get it, and if you are not a TF G1 fans the articulations are enough to make your jaw dropped when you see it in action pose :)

BaseGuardian heroes Meter:

  • Pacakaging: 9/10
  • Sculpting/Design : 9/10
  • Colorings : 9/10
  • Articulations : 9/10
  • Should you buy? : Yes.


Click pics to enlarge.

convoy1.jpg convoy2.jpg convoy3.jpg convoy4.jpg

con5.jpg con6.jpg con7.jpg con11.jpg

con12.jpg con10.jpg con16.jpg con17.jpg

con8.jpg con9.jpg con14.jpg


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