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Greetings heroes/citizens,it’s been too long since I last updated this blog. Today I will review the Kaiyodo Revoltech Series No.47: HotRodimus, I bought this paired with my Starscream. I’m also selling it, check it out at my sidebar (contact me if you want special price :lol: ) Anyway back to the main topic, this action figure was produced by Kaiyodo, under the Revoltech Yamaguchi Series. This action figure was sculpted by non other than Yamaguchi Katsuhisa. This action figure was inspired by the character Hotrodimus, you might remember him from Transformers The Movie (no, not Michael Bay’s version, I meant the 80’s animation version) and he also the leader of the Autobots in Transformers G2, after Convoy (Optimus Prime) died in the movie. Hotrodimus is actually a sport car, until he took the “Matrix of the Leader” from Convoy, he changed into a truck like vehicle. But forget about that, this is a non-transformable action figure.
Packaging; I’m not going to write long about it’s box, nothing special or unique about the box, besides the words like Hotrodimus and his photos. Same as before, Hotrodimus was laid in a black plastic tray with a clear plastic cover. Also given in the box is a leaflet about the future release of the Kaiyodo Revoltech.
Design and sculpting; I’m always amazed and sometime annoyed by the ingenuity of the Transformers toys. Some of them looks great in alternate form but looks ugly in robot mode. They sometime also looks great but when it comes to movement and articulations they just pissed me off.So when Kaiyodo started to make the the Transformers action figures, it instantly made me put them on my toys wish list. I figured this is the most animation’s accurate action figure of Hotrodimus in robot mode ever made, without comparing it to the statues or busts that was made by other companies before. Although I know there are Transformers fans that might not agree with me. Kaiyodo defintely listened to their customers, when collectors complained about the non-matched color scheme of the revolver joint used for their products. There is a very big different in look if they use a wrong color scheme for the revolver joint. The sculpting, for a 5 inches action figure, I am very pleased with the fine and detailed sculpture Yamaguchi had done. You can easily recognize the facial expression of Hotrodimus. The riffles, both can be fitted nicely in his hands.The design also make posing the figure become easy. As you can see from the photos I took, I only used the stand base for posing him in diving pose (I don’t want to show my hand holding him :lol: ). The figure’s feet was designed a little bit larger than the animation version so that it can stand steadily without using the stand base, and trust me he looks very good this way.
Articulations; Revoltech is famous for it’s “revolver joint” technology, and they are very proud of it. Well, they should be, I like the revolver joint because the figure will stand the way I posed it, without slipping and falling down. Diving and flying poses are no problem for Hotrodimus, the poses of this Revoltech are almost limitless. That is the selling point of all Revoltechs series, you don’t buy this action figures because it can transform but because of the articulations, at least I do.
Colorings; a hot rod red and some orange colors was used as the base color for Hotrodimus, who deserved a hot rod red better than Hotrodimus himself, right? Finish with some yellow flame on his chest make him the hottest, Autobots in town :lol: The three triangles; red, orange and yellow on his upper hands and shin gave him the 80’s feelings, just like in the animation. As for the revolver joint‘s colors just like a said before they are matching with the body parts.
Accessories; not much, but they still gave it. There are 4 extra changeable fists, 2 for holding the blaster riffles,1 with a pointing finger and another one is giving a thumb up, neat huh? There are 2 blaster riffles each with a different design, a different head sculpt(with visor) and a stand base.
Collector’s value; (before this I wrote, “Should you buy it or not?”) This is a perfect action figure for any Transformers toys collectors. I’m not just saying that because I’m selling it, (you can buy it from anywhere you like). But really, trust me it’s worth to get one even if you’re not a Transformers, fans and only collects Kaiyodo Revoltech Series.

BaseGuardian Heroes Meter:

  • Packaging : 9/10
  • Design/sculpting : 9/10
  • Articulations : 9/10
  • Colorings : 9/10
  • Accessories : 8/10

Please click thumbnails for larger picture;

rodimus21.jpg rodimus1.jpg rodimus3.jpg rodimus4.jpg

rodimus5.jpg rodimus6.jpg rodimus8.jpg rodimus7.jpg

rodimus9.jpg rodimus13.jpg rodimus17.jpg rodimus14.jpg

rodimus15.jpg rodimus16.jpg rodimus18.jpg rodimus12.jpg

rodimus10.jpg rodimus11.jpg

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6 Comments on "Kaiyodo Revoltech Hotrodimus."

  1. kljs on Sat, 10th May 2008 10:21 pm 

    I wonder why Optimus choose him as his successor when Optimus was about to go kaput? ;)

  2. BaseGuardian on Sun, 11th May 2008 12:06 pm 

    Nepotism, maybe :lol:

  3. kljs on Tue, 13th May 2008 6:46 pm 

    More like Rodimus was there and there was no one else better than Rodimus…. I guess…..

    He can’t possibly give it to Grimlock…… it would be a disaster….

    kljs’s last blog post..Girls X Guns Ergo & Proxy

  4. Paul K on Mon, 19th May 2008 4:38 am 

    I love transformers. I miss the old figures, there was something more special to them than the new ones they build now days.

    Paul K’s last blog post..New Hampshire Bank Certificates Of Deposit

  5. BaseGuardian on Mon, 19th May 2008 9:11 pm 

    @kljs, ya la. That Grimlock is too cute to be a leader :lol:
    @Paul K, I still remember my first Transformers when I was a kid, Optimus Prime. Can’t remember who took it :sad:

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