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Greetings heroes/citizens, sorry for not updating the Base, I got bugs in me for several of days now, not very bad but after I took some antibiotics and when they started to work I don’t feel like I want to online. Anyway, today I’ll review the latest toys I got in my collections, it’s Kaiyodo Revoltech Vol. 46: Destron’s (or Decepticon’s) Starscream. I got this last week and only have the time and strength to play with it today :lol: Just like the other Kaiyodo Revoltech series figurines, this action figure is about 5 inch tall. Retail price for this is about $20-24. I’m writing this review in a condition where I’m still in my recovery phase, so I will write a short review about this :lol: ~~~I’m still high~~~

Packaging; same as usual, great packaging with dusty finishes. The toy was put on a black plastic tray and covered by a clear plastic cover.There is a leaflet about the upcoming Revoltech series, in Japanese, inside the box.

Design/sculpting; this is a non-transformable action figure although it’s from Transformers cartoon series. The selling points for Kaiyodo’s Revoltech is always the Revolver Joint, a technology developed by them (Kaiyodo) that make the action figure abilities to pose in great ways. By scraping the transforming gimmick, the figure can be design to be more cartoon (anime) accurate.

Accessories; 3 extra changeable fist, a Megatron in pistol mode and a stand.

Colorings; great colors, looks metallic and shinny. No chipping or scratching. I know there are many colorings issues with the previous Revoltech series. Kaiyodo is improving the quality, they also put some plastics strips for protection on area that usually got scratch like the joints.

BaseGuardian Heroes Meter:

  • Packaging: 9/10
  • Design/sculpting: 9/10
  • Colorings: 9/10


Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures;

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kss9.jpg kss10.jpg kss11.jpg kss12.jpg

kss13.jpg kss14.jpg kss15.jpg kss16.jpg

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8 Comments on "Destron’s Starscream"

  1. Deimos Tel`Arin on Wed, 7th May 2008 1:19 pm 

    Awesome collectible toy figure!

    Are you selling off this one for USD23.00? o_o


    Deimos Tel`Arin’s last blog post..Where is Firefox cache? How to increase Firefox cache?

  2. BaseGuardian on Wed, 7th May 2008 2:01 pm 

    You want ah? I give special price for you :lol:

  3. kljs on Sat, 10th May 2008 10:16 pm 

    Oh…… That loud mouth Starscream? heheheheh…… people just love to hate him….even though it is a Decepticon!

    kljs’s last blog post..Swimsuit Saturday – Asuna Kagurazaka

  4. BaseGuardian on Sun, 11th May 2008 12:03 pm 

    @kljs, that SS always wanted to over throne Megs, that’s why peoples loves him :lol:

  5. Deimos Tel`Arin on Mon, 12th May 2008 12:36 pm 

    [You want ah? I give special price for you]

    My darling will murder me if I spent my Ringgit on such toys. O_O

    [that SS always wanted to over throne Megs, that’s why peoples loves him]

    In the first Transformers movie, Megatron got owned. So in the sequel, Star Scream will take the lead and be boss then? :D

    Deimos Tel`Arin’s last blog post..Dead Frontier Night One – Download – First Impressions

  6. BaseGuardian on Mon, 12th May 2008 2:39 pm 

    @Deimos, maybe, TF’s fans are talking about that, but some say Megs will be reborn as Galvatron, donno how it’s going to be :roll:

  7. kljs on Mon, 19th May 2008 1:13 am 

    Yeah, Starscream always want to overthrow Megatron……… hahahahaha…….ended up being a ghost……. hahahahhaha

    kljs’s last blog post..Shinji X Asuka (??)

  8. 10 Very Meaningful Sentences | on Sun, 16th Nov 2008 9:58 pm 

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