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Greetings heroes/citizen. I was looking for a backdrop that I can use for my review and I found a great website that sells nice backdrop for a really great price. Decoback produces 4 sets of backdrop with 8 different designs. The backdrop is made of a thick stock cardboard, and the printing is semi-gloss and very crisp. Each set of backdrop was printed on both side of the card. The backdrop will be held by 2 pieces of L shaped clear plastic holders. The plastic holders, hold the cards nicely and the cards will not fall or move while they’re on display.

This backdrop¬† is perfect for 3″ – 12″ action figures.

The price is very good, for 1 set it only cost $10 including shipping to my country. Different country may have to pay extra/less shipping cost. I receive the backdrop in great condition as it was wrapped with several layers of bubble wrapper.

The only flaw about Decoback I’d like to say here is, right now they only have a few design, but I talked with Decoback’s friendly people and they’re looking into doing more designs in the future and they also plan to make larger backdrop.

Right now they only have 8 designs 6 of the design is shown here, to see another 2 designs you can check out their website. To purchase this background please use the contact form in this link.

Material – 2mm-thick cardboard
Size – Background 17″ (W) * 13″ (H), Ground 17″ (W) * 10″ (H)
Special features РDouble sided print out with two different scenes and a  specially-designed plastic joint

Click these images below to see a larger resolution.

Eradicator "Peace On Earth"

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